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simsinai acls course description
ACLS is designed to help health care providers learn the necessary skills to provide evidence-based care to patients in cardiac arrest or other life-threatening situations. This course reinforces use of appropriate basic life support and automated external defibrillation, and then extends skills to advanced interventions.

All ACLS Courses run from 8:00 hrs. - 17:00 hrs.

Topics include:

  • Safe operation of defibrillator/pacing devices.
  • Use of airway/respiratory equipment (oral/nasal airways, laryngeal mask airways, combitubes, bag/valve/mask devices).
  • Management of cardiac arrest (VF/VT/PEA/asystole).
  • Management of stable and unstable tachyarrythmias.
  • Management of bradycardias.
  • Approach to unstable coronary syndrome/myocardial infarction Initial management of acute stroke.
  • Approach to patient with hypotension/shock.
  • Crisis management principles (leadership, communication, situational awareness).

ACLS at SimSinai uses an adult-friendly education philosophy, giving extensive hands-on experience in resuscitation using our high-fidelity simulators. Students work in teams and rotate through different roles, learning how to function as team leaders and team members.